i don't look my age at all.  In fact i don't think ANYONE in my family (mom or dad's sides) looks their age....all look younger.  Everyone thinks my mom is my sister and would never guess she is a grandma!  i don't get carded anymore tho when i buy alcohol (only cuz i know the people who work in the package store lol)  but i do sometimes when i'm in a restaurant, especially if i'm with my sister cuz she looks young too lol  it'll be nice when i'm older and don't look my age too lol
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What a bummer! lol My sis just turned 20 (STILL not old enough yet lol) but looks like she's 17 or so, which I assume is why they card me when I order alcohol, thinking i just look older than my age lol<br />
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I'm sure we'll have a time of it next year when she turns 21! lol

My sister is like that. When my family was celebrating her 2nd birthday (I was 15 at the time), my mum ordered a pitcher of margaritas. When collecting IDs they asked for my sisters, but weren't going to ask for mine. My mum told them I was to young to drink though, lol.