Look 25 But Am Over 40

Hi I was born in 1968 but always looked like a kid. In the late 90's it was believed I have some sort of hormone deficiency as well as genetics. My brother, just under a full year younger than me, also looks far younger than he is. In addition I have poor eye/hand coordination and was underdeveloped and experienced puberty at 15. When I was in high school I felt so wierd changing for gym and having no hair on my legs or anywhere else but my head. When I graduated many still said I looked like a 13 year old. In addition, I was a geek with coke bottle glasses. I also was not strong for my size at 5 foot 10. Most kids smaller and younger were much stronger. I also was a bedwetter as well and still wore disposables at night. I went to college and that was mostly a nice experience. I still looked more like a high school freshman than a college freshman. AT that point I was experiencing growing pains. Most classmates however were cool to me and I found a good amount of friends that accepted me for who I was. EVen the bedwetting and diapers were no big deal. Still, in college I matured physically very little but at least began growing hair on my legs as well as my face and grew to about 5 foot 11. When I graduated college at 4 years, I still looked like a 16 year old in high school. When buying ordering a drink I was always carded. After graduation, I landed a job in a place that employed lots of teens. Many would wonder why I was not seen in school. I was asked on many occasions what high school I was going to. It was a shock when I told them I graduated college and was 24 or 25 years old. In 1999, I turned 30 and still looked like a teenage boy. I loved the attention when renting a car or checking into a motel, showing ID and they tell me "WOW You look so young" or "Your that old?". Finally in the 2000's I began to gain weight and stopped loking like a scrawny kid. I also began weight lifting to acquire strength and began strengthing my bladder muscles by holding 30 inutes after the need to go hit unless I was about to go on a long car trip. The bedwetting finally subsided by 2002, I was benching 300 by 2003, and was up to 190 from 150 by then. I finally began to get 3 folds on my forehead. I did cheat by taking steroids beginning in 1999 and stopped by 2004. This seemed to help me age a bit. Today, my hair is still thick, I now have hair on my chest, I am nuw rather muscelor and slightly bulky. But my face is still quite smooth. But I still have bad coordination and am still rather clumsy and have glasses as well. At least I no longer wet the bed. At a recent college reunion I was among the 5 in my graduating class that still looks similar to the way I looked at graduation. All I heard all weekend was how good I looked. Most thought I looked 25 to 30. Still people marvle that I still manage to look so young. HEY I LOVE IT!!! But now my clock is ticking and I know I will begin to look old in the next few years. I say enjoy the youth when I still can Mark D
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Same here. I'm an almost 40 year old male, but sometimes I actually get asked for ID some places. Perhaps because I'm somewhat short, and when I'm clean shaven I really don't look as old as I am, and my skin is rather smooth and I don't have wrinkles.

Ha! Me too! My husband and I started going out to clubs again and one woman who found out I was 40 looked at my hairline by moving my hair. Thought that was strange; and realised the next day: she was looking for facelift scars! A friend I've been horse riding with for a while and who knows I have kids STILL thought I was only 25! I am thrilled with all of this but sometimes men approach me so I try to make sure I flash my wedding/engagement rings:-)

Actually we had same experience they called me late bloomer. I had my puberty when I was almost 16 years old. During my college days I got very jealous with my other classmates coz they already had body shapes while mine still like a kid. But now Im 41 , Still Im wondering Why I still look very young . I love going to clubs and disco along with my friends but everytime they would ask my ID coz at night I look much younger even if I wear sexy dress. They would think I am underage and would not allow me to get in unless I show an ID .It would make me feel disgusted. Young looking have its own disadvantage too although most of us would do every possible thing to look young. But really I am very much greatfull now because whenever I am browsing my facebook and seeing most of my classmates before , I cant help asking like this.."OMG what happened to them?" they look very old...

This is cool, I too am 40 and get crazy looks when I tell people I'm 40 he he. When my daughter and I go places people sometimes think I'm her boyfriend, and she laughs and says "thats my DAD"! They're like what? My mom though looks in her late forties and shes almost 70!

Me too.. It realy gets me down

hello. Totally understand. My name is Michael Cothren. I was born in 1972 and now 39 yrs. old. Poeple tell me i look about 25. althou im greatful, it can be a curse to. I believe it may be a genetic disposition. have been trying to figure this out for about 4 years now. i started loosing my hair at 21 and still got alot left. like its trying not to fall out. my voice stature and skin still have the apperance of a young man. i am a verry attractive individule. i have a major insecurity about my stature. Its nice to know im not alone in this journey. could it be possible we carry two G Foxo genes? and gonna live to 100+ years ?

I have the same problem.im 35 and look about 22.short in height too 5.5.i do get told im very good looking but it embarases me when iv not seen anybody for years then when i see them i can tell what ther thinking like uv not aged atall..or that i havnt got that man look transformation which everybody else iknow has..it realy gets me down like a big knock to my man hood.

Wow your story is amazing, I am just about to turn 40 and most people think I look 23, the thought of turning 40 and significantly aging sends a shiver down my spine, however i am determined to improve with age and discintigrate with age.