That's A Lot Of Flowers!

On New Years Day in Pasadena, CA, there is a parade that has many beautiful floats all made out of flowers. New Years Eve is fun too because you can ride down Colorado Blvd in your car, and be sassy to the people who are camped out waiting for the parade the next day. It's not mean. it's like a tradition! I blew my horn at people an they threw marshmallows at me. The car also got silly-stringed. But seeing the floats up close is a treat. They park them so you can look at them and see them up close. That's a lot of hard work for the people that make up these floats!

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Colorado Blvd? wow I used to work on that street,<br />
Is there a Sawmill Rest. still there? that was over 23yrs ago. that was my first job after high school.

I use to help with the floats when I was in High School.<br />
It was alot of fun, back in the 80's