Im Looking And Hoping That Someone Would Save Me And If Its Me That Have To Save Myself Than How I Do That

i know this may sound crazy but there is a lot of peole in this world that is fighting a war within themselves in their own mind and body and soul and even hearts thats get inginored and to be honest im one to voch for my own self and life on the inside have always felt this way but on the outside i cover it up very well but now i cant hold it in im almost 21 and i cant pretent now cause on the outside is cracking and i cant just go on doing all the things that i use to do to cope with it cause now i growing up and its stating to hit me and become clear i dont know how to hold on i feel im going crazy and my life is not making sence in my head it is but the inside is different im on a different level i dont i want someone to save me or learn to save myself i just dont know how
calmnhected calmnhected
Jul 14, 2010