The Time My Best Friend And I Took A Look At My Sisters *****.

It  was not long after we had seen the lady at the beach , with her ***** all in the open for anyone walking by to see.  My best friend and I  had talked about it a few times  he had a sister and I had 3 of them  older then all of us so  maybe a little more mature . We tried looking in on his sister having a bath and  the shower curtins were to heavy to see through., the floor was noisey when you walked on it so we did not dare go in. we waited till she came out of the shower  to take a look at what had gotten us all horned up at the beach a few weeks earlier.  His sister had no breast just yet and was very skinny  allmost built like a boy like us.  So there was not much to see a small girl  no hair on her ***** lips and no chest , didnt have the same afect as the older woman did.  we were kinda  that sucked didnt it.

then a few days later we got together at my house and decided to spy on  my older sister. she would be allmost 15. sknny but with boobs.  We planned to  spy on her when she was sleeping in bed.

so into my older sisters room we went I dont know what time it was but it was late and she was sleeping .  we were in southern ont and it was hot in the summer . we didnt wear much to be then and no air condistioning at all. this was a long time ago.


 so my sister was sleeping with only a sheet covering her and a part night gown , just something that came up to  just above the knees as I remmber it.

we got closer to the bed and tried not to make any noise , looks like we made it so far with out her stiring.

we pulled the  sheet off of her  there was not much left covering her anyways . and all we had left to do was to pull up her  nighty. and pull down her undies. well here we are 1 2 going on 13 and  spying on my sister to try and get a look at her ***** to see if she has any hair there. 

well to our suprise my sister did not have any panties on when we took a look under her nighty  , what a naughty girl we thought I didnt know people sleep like that .  so her my best friend and I looking at this hairy ***** and even managed to get close enough to smell her  . thats was different and again gave up both woodies ..  we left shortly after taking a look and smell. and headed to our bed room to  play with ourselfs.  true story as all of mine are.   Im glad we never got caught. devil

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I grew up in a clothing op home, so seeing my sister or my parents naked was no big deal. During the summer very little if anything was worn, my mom was topless alot of the time. My sister was very proud of her pubic hair when it<br />
started to grow but shaved it off when she was about 15.

I have lots of stories just like yours, but I was alone. I had three sisters, and they had lots of friends, and I was very bold (and stupid). Usually, I wanted more than just to see their *****, I wanted to touch it too. I would insert my finger between their ***** lips, and then put my finger into my mouth.