i'm looking for a Mommy/Babysitter for me Im an Adult Baby well i'm more like a toddler still in diapers...all i'm looking for is to be treated just like a toddler in diapers no dirty diapers cuz i've learned how to go there just not the wet part yet....no strings,no sex,no relationship well as my Mommy or babysitter there would be but i would just like to role play as a toddler if that's you great hope you write me or if you want to chat first that would be great to..i'm at yukonbilly@yahoo.com....hope to hear from someone soon.
P.S. i'm into crossdressing so if you want a toddler girl i would love to do that too.
Love and Hugs Robyn
Robynlynn Robynlynn
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012