The Definition Of Friendship

Well here is my story.

I started this group and didn't get round writing my story, cause there is so much precious Wisdom and Inspiration out there and I can not resist trying to put some support out here and there - pathetic, I know.

Well when I was a child I felt like I never had A BEST friend, and somehow everyone seemed to have one. I was so much longing for this person close to me. "ME and YOU" against the others. A person of trust and unbelievable closeness. Hearts that would beat as one.
I guess I did not know or understand the concept of "Soul-mate" back than. Nor did I know the word exist.

I think where I mainly went wrong was, that I thought having a BEST friend meant to be a singled out possessive kind of relation with one person.

No wonder I never had one best friend, cause now I know people do not and must not own another person.

This is slavery to be rather brutal in terminology.

So I am searching for human beings I can make special connection with, i.e. focusing on the nature of a relationship.

I have found such people.
But I am really missing having no one but my hubby just here round the corner.
Where I don't have hours or days of travel time to actual physically see my Soul-mate of a friend.

I have this ridiculous idea of setting up a webpage, that allows you to view and contact ALL people within your area walk distance), who share same interest and common way of thinking. Each one has a status bar like that signal, if the person is occupied or free to talk or to meet.
And all you have to do is contact and arrange to meet for a nice chat and a cuppa and making plans and doing things together.

I know this is such an impossible thing, as right to privacy, security issues etc is most important.

So I am quiet happy for settling with continuing to search and hoping to one day find these kind of people near me.

I appreciate anyone who is genuinely honest about friendship and not here to
abuse me to contact me and get to know me. And if you like me, who knows you may add me or I add you as a friend, as a soul mate.

Likewhatido Likewhatido
36-40, F
Jan 17, 2013