Why Not

I'm a marrid man who has not any form of sex with my wife for 2 years. I would love to find a woman who could be descrete. I would me you in a secluded spot and watch you walk up dressed in you low cut dress. I would start on your neck, work my way to your ****, than start rubbing your *****, and than I would eat you until you have multiple O's. Than she will get on her knees and let me stuff it deep into her troat. I shoot my load in her mouth and she wipes off her lips. We than just go our seperate way.
bman110169 bman110169
1 Response May 7, 2012

Wow so that's all you want nothing more

Yup that's all I'm looking for at this time. What are you looking for?

Idk someone who likes me for me but I guess I won't get that from you

I'm sure as pretty as you are and that great smile of yours, you probably always get what you want. It doesn't hurt to message each other. I wish I would have found you 3-4 years ago, because I would have swept you off your feet. Did you like my story atleast?

Yes i did :)

Well I'm glad you liked my story atleast. Have you ever done anything crazy like whats in my story? What is the craziest thing you have done?

Umm go read my story about older men

I read your story, but where are all the details. You left us hanging, what happened after the elevator?

Message me.and find ;(


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