Daddy For Baby Boy!

Hey all, I'm looking for an adult baby boy. :)

My interests are primarily in the caring and nurturing aspects of the relationship: the diaper changes, cuddles, bottle feeding, and putting a little guy in his crib for the night. Whether this is a full time or occasional thing depends on the person, their needs, and life circumstances.

What I enjoy more than anything is helping someone to find that safe inner space in which they can express the toddler or baby within, and feel comforted and cared for. I think an AB gives a gift to a daddy when they open themselves up to being vulnerable and cared for, and a dad returns that gift with love care and affection.

I hope the baby boy of my dreams is out there somewhere. :)

ABDLDad ABDLDad 41-45, M 23 Responses Mar 16, 2010

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I am a teen baby and would love to be babysat by a loving nurturing daddy like you. (I cannot live as a baby full time as I still live with my parents and go to school).

I have spent my whole life looking for someone like you. In my mind, the ultimate love bond is between an adult baby and his daddy. I have searched years for a nurturing daddy with whom I can have a real relationship. I would love to be your baby. Hope we can talk soon.

I am in Federal Way, WA. What state are you in?

i'm a baby boy and my only desire is to find a daddy and be treated like a baby i want a real relationship 24/7

Hi, I can connect to your ideology. Where are you from?

im a 20 yo baby boy searching for a daddy to take care of me. i live in Kansas.

Hi, I'm interested in an online only thing if you're willing to do so. Please send me a message if you're interested. Thank you very much

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Hi daddy are you in Colorado because I am and need my dada

I am an AB in Kent Wa, looking for a AB Daddy or mommy. I wuv to be cared for and wear my onesie, plastic pants, feedings, diaper changes, crib, and make my own AB clothes. email if you want me as your AB Boy. I live as 18month, I am Physically 49, cute as a bug.....:-)

helo dada, would luvvv to be your baby, if you still want one. thank you . baby jonjon

I am abdl curious. I am a 35yo Daddy's boy in Charlotte NC

I am an AB/DL from Ohio. I enjoy wearing and using my diapers and would like to be babied by you. Email me at

Daddy I wood love to be your baby full time if you are looking for a adult baby I will be a boy are a girl I do not care I just wont to be what i am and that is a baby. If you have a adult baby my be you mite have friend that wood like to have a adult baby of his are her own if so let me be that baby.

Im looking in north central Florida for mommy,daddy or baby sibling

I am an adult Baby looking for a Daddy or mommy to take care of me I am in Carlisle, Pa

I am a adult baby and I am looking for a a daddy or a mommy to baby me all the time if there is a mommy or daddy out there let me know because I need a care giver to tack care of me as there baby for life.

wouldnt mind being a daddy's baby boy.

Daddy where is you ?

hi i am also looking for a daddy but i am also looking to be a daddy because i am a switch. i am bi and i live in waterford, michigan. but i am truly looking for a daddy that is my real calling is to be loved and nurtured. if you are interested please message me.

I am an adult baby 5'4 115 lbs and luv the frills of adult babyhood would like to venture more fully as I feel safe as a baby and want to be cuddled and loved for being me

Older adult baby boy here in Ohio looking for a daddy. Love wearing and using my diapers and doing as daddy says.