Ertoic Massage

I am looking for a male to give my GF an ertoic massasge ( maybe more!!).

We are in SW Houston,TX, she is 45, 145, 5'6 dirty blonde, is very easily aroused. I will

help you cheat, I will tell you her hot spots! Anything could happen, or nothing more. I would

love to see her with another guy, maybe..........

txman13 txman13
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

txman13, a massage is always a very personal experience. I'm a part-time massage therapist and I have helped several couples to explore the sensuality of a quality massage.

I would love to help you, and I might give a full body session for free if it's in Harris county.

Feel free to contact me gino.palermo at yahoo .com for more details.