Two Men In The Park

This may not be the best category for this story, but since it's one of the few times I remember when showing my **** to a stranger actually amounted to something, I thought I would share it here.

One weekend on a visit home from college, I decided to take a trip to a local park. Not the type with playgrounds and such, just a little wooded area with some nice trails and ponds. I was feeling pretty nostalgic, and was really enjoying revisiting all of my old favorite spots. After about half an hour, it started to rain, which just heightened my joy. I ran down the trails with wet leaves brushing me, the grass squishing beneath my feet, and with nature generally washing all over me.

A little while later, after I had slowed down, I noticed a man walking down one of the near-by trails. I was surprised to see him, as I hadn't seen anyone else that day, even before the rain started. He was an older gentleman, probably in his late 50's, dressed nicely in a button up shirt and dress pants, and was holding an umbrella overhead. We both looked at each other, and went our separate ways.

Not much later, maybe 5 minutes, our trails crossed again. He had reached the intersection ahead of me, and was standing sidelong to me in an odd fashion. I quickly realized he was urinating, and stopped suddenly. Not wanting to disturb him, I decided to wait where I was until he finished. Maybe it was the sound of the rain, or maybe from watching him, but after a few moments I realized I needed to go too. Well why not? If he can, so can I. So, I turned to the side of the trail, unzipped, and let fly.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him turn a little bit more in my direction. Oh god, he'd seen me! Then he turned just a little more. At this point, I couldn't help but look over, and what I saw shocked me. He had effectively positioning himself in a way that made it impossible to ignore his large, semi-hard ****! As I glanced over, he gave it a little stroke, and I felt my blood boiling. I was instantly overwhelmed by his overt act, and couldn't help myself as I turned a little in his direction. At this, he grew more bold, and began to stroke his **** in earnest. For the second time that day I was overwhelmed by the forces around me, only this time it was an intense sexual desire rather than a communion with nature. I immediately responded in turn, squeezing my own **** as it began to harden.

It was as if I had stepped out of my body, and was powerless to stop what was happening. We both began to move towards each other, and in no time were standing right next to each other, each of us watching while stroking ourselves. I know it's cliche, but his **** was literally the largest I had ever seen in real life. It wasn't long before he asked if I wanted to touch it, and I grabbed it without hesitation. It was the first time I touched another man, and it was indescribable. For some reason, it felt completely different than touch my own ****; both firm and giving at the same time, and completely novel. I could barely fit my hand around it, and it was hot to the touch. As it throbbed in my left hand, my right hand was stroking my own **** faster than I ever normally did. I was completely given over to the intensity of my sexual energy. In seconds, I was ******* all over the ground at our feet, while holding on to his giant **** for support. It was easily the most intense ****** of my young life.

After I came, we both quickly put our ***** away, and asked if I had a place where we could be more intimate. At the time I was glad it had ended, as my years of Catholic school education were starting to make me feel guilty, as well as paranoid about STD's. As I was visiting my parents, and he was married, we didn't have anywhere we could go, but we agreed to look for each at the park in the future. Unfortunately, my parents moved shortly after that, so my visits to them no longer brought me near that park.
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I am not gay, but that was sort of hot.