I Love Watching

I love watching other people getting it on, it's a real horny turn-on. And I don't mind if it's a couple, or bi or gay, lesbian, trannie, whatever. It really turns me on. I prefer it if it's all open, I'm not so keen on the Peeping Tom sort of scenario. I like being watched, too, so I appreciate it from both sides of the fence. Of course, it's even better if I can get to join in (or have sloppy seconds!). But I love just watching and playing with myself. Oh, and I love watching women do themselves

I like taking photos, too. When I've photographed people it has led to some fantastic sex. I'd love to find a couple who'd let me watch them, maybe take some photos. I'd really like to watch or photograph some cross-dressers, either with other cross-dressers or with 'straight' guys or real women. But most of all I'd love to find a woman who would let me watch and maybe photograph her solo - only please let me do myself as well!

56-60, T
Feb 16, 2010