Me And My Wife Decided For Her To Get A Girlfriend

Just to have fun or op en for **********.
Joey3232 Joey3232
4 Responses Dec 2, 2012

We were in the same situation when her best girlfriend, and a woman who haunted my sexual fantasies since I was a teenager, got divorced. My wife offered my services to take care of her long period of no sex. After we were done, I invited my wife to join in. Turns out that we did not know that her girlfriend is bisexual. She also had a crush on me since we were young so she jumped at the chance to join our marriage and bed. We lived in a poly ********* for most of our 40 years of marriage and they were very happy years. My wife also found women to join us in a ********* from among her friends and acquaintances.

I wish you luck because my life was fantastic. ********** a few times a week for 30 years was a great sex life.

what made you decide on getting her a woman? I married to and would like to introduce the subject in our bedroom but just don't no how to

I'm interested

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