I Want To Become A Prostitute Or Lesbian One

i feel really horny when i think about other girls + men+ i really want to become a prostitute. i live in harrogate in north yorkshire, england and am looking for sex. I am quite young but over 12. looking for boys?girls aged 13-20.  will do reduced rates to get me started! if you are interested email me at 

Ps. no perverts

 i am not lieing about my age and I am quite pretty with brown eyes and blond hair and have quite big boobs!

 thanks, email soon!!!!!!!!

sexypunkychick sexypunkychick
13-15, F
6 Responses Dec 10, 2009

I agree with saratzuke as well the only ones who would not be pervs is, "wait for it" (barney on HIMYM), no one they all would be perves the best idea if any is not to do it until you are older but even then you will get a good few pervs

interesting , where did you got this idea from? Add me so we can chat

I agree saratzuke. Even though I haven't had sex for over 5 years, I would never even think of having sex with someone so young.

If you are under 16 then the only people who'd be interested in you are perverts. Take care!

Where's ur email?

I am the samee