My Man

my bf is all ready in diapers at night he is a bedwetter like I am

donnajean22 donnajean22
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9 Responses Feb 10, 2009

So you are no longer looking?

Are any of you able to control it?

I have has a desire to wear diapers! Still do to this day. When I was a kid I use to take my moms old towels and fasten them on my like a diaper and then cut leg holes out of a garbage bag and use that for plastic pants. I have still for my adult life still desire to wear a diapers or take care of a male in diapers. Am I sick? My childhood was not a happy one. My mom however told me that I was a very happy baby, could that have anything to do with it? I envey those I hear about on sites like this who actually get to wear diapers..... Sigh.

You found the man in diapers. Here I am. I'm glad to hear you both are diaper users. We are one big happy family.


No shame in it...

there is nothing better than a man and woman who share a love of diapers together I am looking for my woman in diapers hope someday she will be a reality I have lived in a dead marriage with no contact or sex for years

me too love too be in em cloth diapers an rubber pants look at me

I like cloth and plastic pants also. I would live to be a daddy to someone like you?

it's nice you both are still in diapers, enjoy them,

I am in nappies at night too.