So I wanting some company to talk and get advice and share...I have a lot of how to?'s and would like some freinds
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Hi. How are you?

Well I'm not good and good ... If start telling you what has been thrown at me, it's a lot.. I am heading out to dress up all but make up.., have to minimum 30 miles to get out ky little town.. Any way I'm seeing how much and how and how far.. Looking at ways to feminize body pre HRT.. No men. Or woman. Just got divorced acctually finalized day after dad died almsot 3 weeks.. Anyway I'm in se Idaho straight north salt lake 11/2 hrs... I'm not gonna supress her and have out in a healthy way.. I'm an open book FYI.. So I am a reg guy outside but tone up I think have good features my dominant femine traits are not physical traits l... I like Ashely the name.. I'd like to see and take to more tgilrs off here on a more intamite basis .. Outside EP... Anyway tell me some about you besides you love wearing panties lol

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better. I know how you feel tho. If not for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. I'm new here and checking things out seems like a cool place. I have been dressing since I was 13. I love the clothes and have a super supportive gf who helps me. I'm not the most fem girl but I try. I can't pass per se but who cares right ? I love everything about dressing from wigs to make up to painting my nails lol. My gf and I are planning a trip so I can go out dressed. Too bad I have to drive 3 hours to another state to do so but that's ok. Hope things get better for you.

I woul like too

Well let's begin.

Ok lets start

So I've always hated being hairy, but when I do shave how can I keep from getting rash or bumps and minimize it coming back. Also I had one several years ago. But I need a wig. Also I'm working on toning up body...I'm a natural person, simple and intend to be that way of my other half. I'm a sporty girl and just reserved...what suggest about breast... I'm a small boob girl... Anyway tell me things of you... Also and I will...I've waited a longtime and so close to find someone to be freinds with and be woman and in public as a passing woman...ok I'm about to have an accident... Talk soon....