I want to purchase a vehicle mine is starting to fall apart and give me all kinds of troubles...what do u all drive and do u recommend anything...

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WRONG'!!! - HONDA & ACURA are statistically & empirically the unequivocal BEST Choices...

toyota is a good choice , mazda , suburu if you are short of the readys nissans come up cheaper, volvos can be a good buy , as they dont normally get driven by boy racers and very safe,

Thanks Fly...*hugs*

Thanks P....funny how everyone has there own cars that they really like...Just need to find something within my price range...and hopefully can give me what I need to pay off my car now that is falling apart

I drive a BMW and an Opel, but I think your best bet will be a Toyota. They're like a home appliance, just go on and on and on. Japanese electronics put German electronics to shame when it comes to reliability, and spare parts for a Toyota are very reasonably priced, well in my country anyway.<br />
and when you see a car on the side of the highway with its hood up its nearly always a Mercedes, BMW or an Audi. Never a Toyota, well. I lied, I did see a Toyota Broken down once. I wrote off my mothers Toyota Corolla, well according to the insurance company I did. I smashed into the back of a Ford and the Ford really was history, I however, after bending a few crumpled parts off the wheels, drove the Toyota home to face the music...........

I agree with Mewold. Best to buy Japanese or German.

thanks hun...Yes, I hear that....I am def looking at used cant afford car now is a 99 alero with 93,000 miles on it starting to have all kinds of problems with it....

If you are going to buy a used car, I recommend a Japaneese car because they are better built.