I Get Annoyed Sometimes

I don't fancy myself as intelligent...not in the least. But one key sign of intelligence is not only the capacity to think, but the *willingness* to think. By "think", I mean not only be able to focus on a new idea, but also to be able to apply any formulated thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc., to your existing knowledge set in an effort to not only assimilate information, but to potentially *challenge* current beliefs. I'm not saying that the person has to immediately agree, but doing a mental comparison of existing knowledge to new information at least shows the ability to grow and learn. I just get really fed up with people who are so stuck in their ways that they won't even hear a piece of information that either is totally new and foreign to them, or that conflicts with their own viewpoint (which is usually constructed by simplistic, knee-jerk thinking). It's as though the words you're saying just go in one ear and out the other. In a nutshell, don't fall into this line of thinking: "If I don't understand it, or if I don't agree with it, then it cannot be true."
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Mary. Don't act intelligent. First of all your spelling and grammer is horrible, second, the concept of heaven is one that is believed by primarily low IQ individuals. This is proven in terms of modern science and statistics. People with a higher IQ tend to believe that the after life is something that can never be known along with everything else you believe to be fact. An intelligent person would say i KNOW nothing. An unintelligent person will claim to know things that are clearly impossible to know.

I know all because Adam and Eve were stupid and gained freewill,,,this world is going backwards and has no idea,,,Mary

so I have nothing to worry about with that statement,,,I am one who has very few who can comprehend an 8th of what I talk about,,,most think I need to learn how to speck while writing the writen words,,,but its all good I don't mind that much anymore,,,I am 50 years old and I understand more than I want to sometimes,,,and I may not be agreeable but I am more than willing to listen to anyone on any subject exsept sex,,,if you don't already know than I can not shed any new light on that subject,,,exsept wait till you get to heaven its a whole nother trip,,,and its diffentently better there than here,,,but that is all I will say about that matter,,,but any other subject I am open,,,Love and Light Mary