Memories Fade

No matter how much I think of you how I spend everyday trying to talk to you I find myself forgetting you more and more. I cant remember your voice, your laugh. Its all missing I try so hard to remember but I cant writing now the tears are falling because of the hurt I feel. The day I held your hand in the hospital I promised I would never forget anything in the short 7 months you have been gone I have forgot so much. I let you down everyday I hate myself more and miss you more. My heart is full of hurt I know things will never be good for me anymore. I miss you calling me sweat pea telling me how much you love me every morning and night. When you first stared to get sick I spent every night with you I got more scared with each day that passed. As you got worse the longer I would stay up until all my nights were sleepless waiting for you to call my name. When you went to the hospital for the last time you were already gone as I sat by your bed and held your hand tight I waited for you to wake up you never did. That week you passed away I lost everything. You were the circle of our family now we are all broken apart. I know you hate I when I cry for you but its is all I know how to do anymore. I miss you grandma.
BeckR22 BeckR22
Jan 7, 2013