Going Crazy

I have decided that either I am evolving into a new person, or just losing my mind...Either way something strange happening here????
Yes yes I know they call it "the change of life" but come on! This is like change of the person as a whole.... whew, wipe sweat again....
I laugh, oh not for any reason, its just I like to laugh all the time. sometimes I just cry, at a tv commercial!!!Now come on...What next????
Well today I wake up and just decide I want to fall in love again, oh I don't care I am turning 50 not dead yet, my body still works sometimes and I think maybe I need to use it. Hubby is in love with drugs and booze, so I want more.
I have always jumped in both feet if I want something so I am gonna take a noise dive....
This is just so C-R-A-Z-Y but .......hehehe
Oh yea some one is interested, should I flip my lid and fall in love again?????
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
2 Responses May 6, 2012

Oh what a wonderful idea,I'll be your toy boy as I have not yet reached fifty however it is a milestone that will hit me in a couple of years. :-)

Then I shall be waiting....

Good for you. 50 isn't old, and our bodies don't need to work to be in love. Just watch out for the shallow water and hidden obstacles on your nose dive. Sometimes jumping in with both feet is safer. I will cling my glass of Dr Pepper to your diet Pepsi, but from my experiance that won;t make depression go away. I am not a Dr. so will try most anything to get it to go away.

As time always makes things change, but I can not go against myself in this matter. Just a brief moment of stupidity, lol. I would be cheating on myself not my hubby sounds crazy, but its just not in me. Was a funny to think about thou. So I raise my Diet Pepsi back at you and smile in the knowledge my soul is still intact. lol