My mother first found out she had breast cancer about 15 years ago. She had a mastectomy ,chemo radiation. It worked. The cancer was gone. 3 years ago she she started to have pain around her pelvis area. She ended up in the ER excruciating pain. That Friday we found out the cancer was back and it has spread to the bones. My world crumbled. She is a very strong woman and still fighting but I see her getting weak. I so afraid of her passing. I am having trouble sleeping because I can't stop worrying about her.
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There is a doctor named Dr. Leonard Coldwell who has cured thousands of cancer patients naturally--no chemo, no radiation, and no surgery. He has many videos on YouTube and he will give you free information on how easy it is to cure cancer with natural products. He will also explain why doctors are not allowed to use these natural treatments.

There is no such thing as incurable cancer. All cancer is curable. Nobody has to die or go through the painful treatment of chemo and radiation. The truth is, the general public have been lied to. It was proven in the 1930's that cancer cannot survive in a body that is oxygen-rich. If people can get their immune system up, their body will naturally eliminate the cancerous tumor. Here is a small sample of treatments that have saved thousands of lives:

Vitamin B-17 (apricot seeds)
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking Soda
Essiac Tea
Organic Green Juice
Young Green Coconuts
Vitamin C Injections
Omega 3

These are just a small sample of natural cancer cures. Drug companies don't make money on natural treatments, and doctors are forbidden from using them. It doesn't matter what cancer you have, all cancer is curable. It's chemo, radiation, and surgery that does the real harm. And when a doctor tells his patient that he has 3-6 months to live, the doctor has given his patient a death sentence, and the patient loses all hope. Don't fall for this rotten lie. It's poppycock. Dr. Leonard Coldwell has saved thousands of lives with cheap, natural treatments. Also watch a video called "A World Without Cancer." It tells you about the curing benefits of Vitamin B-17.

Good luck


I'll pray you find peace and comfort during these difficult times. I lost my mother and a sister to cancer. It was very difficult. It gave them some comfort by just being with them and knowing how much they brought to your life. It seems for me when someone you love dearly passes the love they brought during life comes in burst after they pass almost as if they are with you. You will always have your mothers love and her strength. Best wishes to you and your family

I am so sorry. First thing I noticed upon getting an account here. I am just Praying for her ~!! God Bless you (and Mom) and what you are going through. hugs

Oh honey, I am so very sorry.
If there is no hope at all, I pray for a peaceful passing for her.
Prayers to you and yours.