Father Lost To Suicide

i lost my father to suicide when i was 8. He was working in another part of the country for a few weeks when it happened. It was a gunshot to the head. I tried to gather much information from this event but was only told things here and there. Apparently he read the bible before he shot himself and the bible was soaked in blood. I in a way blame, my mother for his death and since then i have not had the best of relationships with her, she kind of shunned me after his death, as young as what i was. I am living in another country now far away from her and the rest of her family and i dnt speak to them as they dont bother speaking to me, yet everyday i still think of why did my father do this, what was the real reason. i think theres more to this story than he just suffering from depression...
L7J456P L7J456P
Dec 10, 2012