The Beginning...

I am 30 years old, 270 pounds, I am diabetic, and I wanna lose this weight.  I am starting by drinking more water, we just bought a water cooler, and it really helps to have cold water right when I want it.   I am also adding fruits and veggies to my meals and snacks more often, instead of steak with a side salad, tonight we had steak salad with mandarin dressing!  It was great, we ate 2ce the amount of greens, and half the amount of steak as usual!  We crumbled some goat cheese on top too, which, I do admit, wasnt the best choice, but I gotta be happy with small victories right?! 
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1 Response Jun 18, 2007

All victories are worth being happy over!! Drinking more water is a very good start, especially if it's replacing other drinks like fizzy ones! One thing that I found made a lot of difference to my fat loss is working out how many calories I should be eating and then using that to base my eating around. Just doing rough estimates has been really useful. But the easiest way to start with that stuff is to keep a food diary. Lets you see just what's going on!