Down, Down and Away!!

So I went for 3 walks today, not too long, but before I moved to the mountains those walks wouldnt have happened!!  I feel myself wanting to go and do stuff more and more often, I got my fishing license the other day, and am planning a day out at the lake this weekend!  I don't want to weigh myself yet, Id rather space it out and try to feel the changes first.  I feel my attitude about exersize changing, and I would rather eat a salad at McD's than a burger, so I guess I am changing!! Yay ME!!
newkid newkid
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3 Responses Jun 20, 2007

Your new attitude is key in your decision to lose weight. It will help keep you motivated, so that you can stay on track! Keep up the good work! It will pay off over time! Take care. Have A Blessed Day!

That's fantastic to hear! With that sort of attitude, I'm sure you'll be not only slimmer, but also much happier and more energised! Keep up the good work :D

Woo Hoo! Don't worry to much about weighing in, you'll be able to tell when you start slimming down. Do what you need to do to stay motivated. You're doing great!