Lost 22pds And Counting

Hello Everyone,

Just like some of you, I have always had the same new year's resolution to lose weight.  I do it, but I always gained it back because I have always felt like I'm on a diet.  I have tried EVERYTHING from the Master Cleanse to Dr. Ian's 4 Day Diet to anything else you can name.  My wife started doing a program that she said she loved and even though I saw the results in her (more energy, feeling better AND losing weight are just a few of the benefits).  She kept pushing me to try it with her for support, but I wasn't ready.  But what she did, I will forever be grateful.  She TRICKED me!  She just started including me in the process and before I knew it, I had LOST my cravings for soda, had more energy AND LOST 22 lbs in a MONTH! 

If you want more info contact me via facebook and send me a message www.facebook.com/Will Sims II

hope to hear from you soon.

WillimFS WillimFS
70+, M
Feb 18, 2010