Grieving Mother! My Story

on friday 5th sep 08 i had a healthy baby daughter,  shortly after birth she showed signs of having a infection.   after just 7 hours she was diagnosed with fuliment clinical sepsis. she got blood poisioning which caused her lungs to fail.  i had to turn the venterlater mashine off and she died in my arms..  before her being born i was extremely ill in hospital but the midwifes said i was fine, this was the case for 12 hours.    when i returned to speak to a specialist a week after she died about how she got the , they said she had had this for around 12 hours!   its amazing how the midwifes did not listen to myself and the family and now cause of this i have lost my little princess!!  god bless Grace.  has anybody been through any thing like this and wants to talk cause i am struggling!  i could do with a chat

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Wow . . . that is like the only thing I can think of is WOW.<br />
One thing to another.<br />
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I am so sorry that you lost your daughter, and twice sorry that you have to deal with this terrible pain now.