Claire The Bunny Baby

She looked like me,
she was as beautiful as the moon,
shined bright like the stars,
she had my voice,
and her fathers toes,
her eyes were brown,
as brown as sweet chocolate,
she would of been fun♥

I would like to share my story, everyone who knows me knows the story.
A young couple, the guy 19 and the girl 17, were expecting their first child together. They found out in the summer of 2011 that they were going to have a baby, delighted they told only family to start out and eventually they told friends. Word had spread that these two were having a baby together, everyone was happy for them.
Then the doctors appointment came, they could barley see the baby because of lack of fluid. The doctors were surprised the baby had made it this long, but had no hope for it, they suggested the girl get a abortion, against it she chose not to she had hope for her little angel. Few months passed and then it was the doctors appointment before they induced her, there was something different, there was fluid, so they thought the baby had a chance now....skip forward to labor, in hopes of meeting her second child she held a smile as long as she could even in the pain. At three in the morning on August 23rd the baby was born, she was crying but gasping for air, they tried to help her breath nothing helped...she was brought back you to the couple and then all three went back with the family, at four she was pronounced dead.
I still wish I could have my baby girl, she was beautiful with her long toes, curly dark brown hair and her beautiful big brown eyes.
IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
1 Response Jul 27, 2012

was she your child? There is nothing worse than the loss of a child. Parents of children have always had this fear of outliving their children. far worse when a child is born only to live a short while. I only have one thing to say, the child was already kissed by angels in her journey home.