Pippa The Dog

Hi my name is alex i was just born when my mum and dad got a puppy called pippa she was a wlsh springer spaniel she came in a very small box so my parents told me. The thing i remember he most is when me my parents and pipa where sat on a park bench and this couple had about 5 dogs of the leash running free they ran over to pipa and started bariing at he and trying to bite her i was crying my heart out for the rest of that day my dad managed to get the dogs away but pippa was bleeding we took her to the vets and she needed stiches. Late that night i slept under a blanket with pippa on the sofa. In the morning she was back to her self again which cheered me up loads tht day. But about 3 months ago she got put down she was riddled with cancer.as she was lying on the vets table i kissed her an she put her poor on my head that was one of the worst days of my life
. At home we made a grave for her and we planted a small christmas tree on the grave. I cried for days and days non stop because i loved her so much but shes up there where the rainbows are wating for us.
I will see u when my time comes my princess alex loves u x
Pippathedog Pippathedog
May 21, 2012