My Dog Palma

Ok. Well, I've had a dog since i was in preschool and when I was in second grade she had 6 puppies. We kept one and gave the rest away to people we knew. Last year [Sept. 11, 2007] I was in 6th grade. I was getting ready 2 get in the car to go to school but the dogs had 2 go out so we let them out. But my dogs are idiots and they chase after cars. And the people across the street were backing out of their driveway and so my dogs were chasing that car. But by the time they got there another car came and hit one of my 3 dogs. I cried 4 days and didnt go 2 school 4 2 days. I still think about her and miss her a lot.

kootiiboo kootiiboo
Mar 25, 2009