As most of you know i am a pretty attractive girls with big breasts and a nice big ***. ONe day i was hanging out with my guy friend at his house. We were playing pool. We decided we would bet on a game. We would do anything the other said if he/she won. So i lost. He made me ***** down naked ( i saw him get hard) then he said run around the block, i did. Then he invited some friends over. He made me serve them drinks and bend over in front of them.I was really embarrassed.I mean im okay with my breasts and i have a nice ***** but i dont like showing it off. Also some of them squeezed me and i laughed. In the end i had fun. SO did they lol
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From what I've seen nude should be your normal state.

Cool story Hansel. Add me to yo circle

Honestly? If I were him, I would not have shared that experience. I would've kept you all to myself. That way, the evening could evolve on its own.

Don't get me wrong! I would've gotten tasteful pictures. But still.....Why share if you don't have to?

I would\'ve wanted you all to myself. But as long as you had fun....

i wish i were there.

Sounds like they had fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as they did.

would have loved to be one of the friends invited over. you have a nice body.

What a night, it must have been.. Full of excitement and enjoyement for all of you..

pictures please:)

would love to play pool with you

I wish I were there too... You are so gorgeous...

Sounds great wish i was there to join in on the fun

Me too! Great story!!

I was very turned on and so were them. lol