Lost Bet To Mom And Her Friend

My mom and I have always had a good relationship. We play jokes on each other all the time. We also do bets with some pretty wild forfeits. Once when I was about 25 my mom had her friend Lucy over and we were watching House. My mom asked what the name of the black doctor was, like the real name not the character name. I guessed a name that I believed was right. Lucy said it was a different name. We started arguing and so she bet me that I was wrong. I took her bet. She said the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted. I was confident so I took the challenge. My mom looked it up and Lucy was right. She cheered and rubbed it in my face. I wasn't too much of a sore loser so I just asked what I had to do. Just then, Lucy saw on the tv a scene from some show that had a girl embarrassed because a boy saw her in her underwear. She immediately told me to *****. I did as I was told and got down to my bra and panties. Lucy told me to go all the way. Being naked in front of my mom wasn't too bad, but naked in front of my mom's friend would be really embarrassing. When I looked to my mom she just told me a bet's a bet. So I ******** all the way down. Lucy looked me up and down with a grin. She told me to go and get the mail from the mailbox. The mailbox was all the way outside by the street. I told her no way. My mom again told me I had to do as I was told. So I opened the door, made sure the street was clear and made a run for it. I had trouble opening the door as it was stuck and just then my neighbor, and nice elderly woman, walked out of her house and saw me. She just walked up to me and asked if I needed any help. I told her I was fine and she just said okay and kept walking with a smile. I was beet red from humiliation so I yanked it and it finally opened. I grabbed the mail and sprinted back to the house. When I looked up I saw my mom had video taped the whole thing. They told me they wouldn't send out the video as long as I behaved. So I had to because bring them food and clean up their stuff for the rest of the day naked. Every once in a while Lucy would pinch my butt just to embarrass me further. I thought it was real weird. Lucy also made me take a picture with my mom while she was clothed and I was naked. At the end of the day I got to get dressed and they never sent the video out. I'm not sure what they did with the picture though.
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Great story please add me

now thats a picture Id love to see

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I see by the number of groups we have in common regarding the nude lifestyle you now enjoy being bare as often as possible! I do too, please read my stories and if you feel we are alike enough join my circle to become friends. I will add you now. Loved the story, don't be embarassed, just enjoy the freedom! <br />
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Nudigirl, xxx ooo

nice story!!!!!!!!<br />
mother and daughter relationship like friends!!!<br />
Thanx for sharing!!!

I feel your pain because I had to do something similar after I lost a card game to a female friend of mine that worked for me. We were working on an empty house one night in a town about 40 miles from home and we took a break and played some cards.<br />
I confidently told her she was going to lose this game and she said, wanna bet? Well we did and I lost. When we left it was about 2 in the morning and she said I had to lock the front door and then stand on the porch and ***** completely naked, walk to the truck carrying my clothes and then put them all in the truck tool box in the back, then drive us home totally naked.<br />
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I had to drive 40 miles completely naked with no access to my clothes without getting out to get to them. She laughed and loved the trip home. She kept the light on in the truck too.

People seeing me naked,I would have loved it!!!

Kind of rough introduction to nudism. As the day wore on did you become more comfortable bring nude?

That sounds rather fun.