I Lost A Bet And They Made Me Their Slave

Recently I was contacted by an old friend, I always had a crush on Diane but never told her, so getting back in touch was a great way to maybe be more than just friends, so when she invited me out to her place for a card game, I said "Sure, but I'm not that good at it, in fact I always lose when I play cards lol", she laughed and said, "I will call you when to come over", I said "ok cool" Well later that night she called and told me to come over, and how to find her place, way out in a rural area, bout an hr from my place. I pulled into her drive and knocked on her door, she answered dressed very sexy, she has the biggest **** and they were very prominent tonight, she smiled and hugged me, and took my coat, I noticed no one else there but a lovely woman sitting at the table, shuffling cards, I could see they were both not feeling any pain as they had already indulged, part of a joint in the ashtray and half bottle whiskey sitting next to a shot glass and a can of pop.
She introduced me to this very lovely lady as Candy, and she was that, so I sat down and Candy poured me a shot, then another and another as Diane set some munchies on the table, and said this was it, just us three, well thats fine with me, and we proceeded to dish out the chips and play cards, getting very buzzed very quickly, well I was kicking butt, I kept getting amazing hands and they were getting alil upset. "Can't play very good eh? " Diane asks, " looks like your doing just fine to me, or maybe just lucky?, well lets put it all on the table then, this next hand will be for big stakes, if you think your lucky, here it is, if you win this hand, both Candy and I will be your slaves for the night, and do whatever you wish, but if you lose, then you have to be at our mercy and our slave and do as we wish, no matter what, agreed?" and Candy was shaking her head yes, so I said "sure, what the hell, sounds like fun either way, deal!" The cards were dealt, I got a decent hand, so I stayed with it, we all laid are hands down, damn I was beat bad by them both, they started laughing and carrying on, then Diane says" ok, ***** slave, you don't get to wear anything but a rope, right Candy?", " oh yes, right Diane... ***** slave, do you have any rope?", I answered "yes, in my truck", she says "so go get it, and hurry", so I went out to my truck, it was pouring down rain, I got totally wet, grabbed the rope and went back in, they looked at me and said " wow its raining?, cooool," and told me to tie up my **** and balls with the rope. I made a slipknot, put it around the base of my very hard ****, its already standing up even with my bellybutton, Diane said "make it tight now", so I cinched it tighter, then wrapped the rope around my balls 6 or 7 times till,they were very tight and stretched out in front of me, they admired my rope job and said it will make for a good whipping post, Diane went into the other room and came out with a bag which she pulled two whips out and gave one to Candy, these whip consisted of 7 or 8 strands of leather about 9 inches long, Candy grabbed my rope and lifted me up on my toes by my balls, then they both started to whip my balls and **** telling me I will do as I am told no matter what, and if I fail to obey punishment would be severe, but if I obeyed and pleased them they would reward me with a good **** whipping, and proceeded to whip my **** at least twenty times each. I loved it, felt so intense, I was so high on the rush right now that i couldnt refuse them, so I was at their mercy to do as they wished
. It was getting very stormy outside, the rain was just pouring and the wind was blowing it sideways, it battered the windows, Candy looked at Diane and said" wow its really storming, and the rain is so heavy, we should send him out in it, and make him walk down the road to the lil store and back, its only a few blocks, think he can do it?", "good idea Candy, yes I think he can and will, but first we need to warm him up before we send him out into that cold nasty storm, lets both give him fifty lashes to his **** and balls, then fifty each to his ***," and they started in on me, taking turns making my **** fly around like crazy, then they whipped my *** hard and tied my rope to my legs so when I took a step it yanked on my balls. They shoved my naked *** out the door, telling me to walk to the store down the road and back, if I make it in less than 20 mins I would get a hard 200 lashes to my balls so walk slow, and off I went. I was soaked in seconds, I could only walk very slow and take short steps, if a car should happen to come along, I couldnt get to hiding fast enough, which also turned me on very much, I felt so at their mercy and loved it. I finally made it to store, it was well lit and seemed noone was around I was told I had to touch a signpost at edge of parking lot, I found it and walked up to it, the rain was blowing sideways and I figured noone would be out in this **** so I walked to the pole and touched it, just then someone said, "you always walk naked in the pouring rain?", I spun around to see a beautiful girl, apparently the store clerk standing near a dumpster, she was throwing out the garbage, I said "holy **** you scared me,", she said" yeah? well i just bout had a heart attack when I seen you naked and tied up like that, what gives anyway?"
Well after explaining to her my bet and my having to walk naked in rain to her store, she laughed and said she liked it and told me I had to come to her store and come inside, and be a customer, and then she would send me back with proof I was in the store, so I agreed, she was having fun with me, I told her I was whipped and smacked around, and would get more when I got back, she laughed, grabbed my rope and she smacked my **** hard bout ten times and yanked me up on my toes telling me she would like to have me as her slave sometime. I was really getting off on this , she asked me to come back again sometime when I wasnt so tied up by someone else and she would be glad to ***** and tie me up, and then she sent me out into the rain again.
So I worked my way back to the house and when I got there they were waiting for me asking what took so long, I told them what happened, they laughed and then said, "well **** lets have him go back to the store then since he is a welcomed customer and have him get us some munchies and drinks." They let me untie for awhile so I could get some relief, after they teased me awhile then they made me tie up again and played tug a war with my balls making me walk away from them pulling as hard as I could while they pulled my balls and **** as I crawled on hands and knees my balls were being pulled back between my legs harshly, they laughed and joked and said I was so funny looking with my big balls stretched out past my *** straining against the rope, and they then proceeded to stretch me out on the coffee table, grab my rope, yank me up by my balls arching me off the table, then told me I was gonna get 50 lashes each on my balls then 50 each on my **** from both of them then they were gonna tie a hand barbell to my rope and send me to the store with a list to be filled, which should take some time finding alot of the items on list, so I would have to wander the whole store to find them not allowed to ask the girl, and if she helped me I would suffer dearly, so after they whipped me good they tied the weight to my balls and sent me out the door, it was raining and blowing harder than before, didnt matter, I was in heaven and so high on the erotica of this adventure. I walked into the store with the weight swinging back and forth pulling hard on my **** and balls, the girl just looked at me and laughed, "I see they sent you back, and packing some weight on those balls, good job girls hehe Nice, I like it, does it hurt?, sure looks heavy, lol, cmon in, your so wet, its really blowin out there, and your friends are really making you work this time? well dont worry, I wont be any easier on you, your at my mercy here", and she walked up to me and grabbed my throbbing **** and yanked it up against the weight, making me grimace, she said "wow you are huge arnt you?, the easier to smack around those big hard balls," as she smacked them around," now go get your shopping done and I will check you out when your finished," so I walked around getting the items they wanted, the weight was swinging and she was grinning watching my balls being yanked back and forth. I got to register where she was waiting, she asked, "How you gonna pay for this?, "I don't know? I have no pockets to carry money", she looked at my swollen **** and balls and said "I think a good **** spanking and balls smacking will pay for part of it, then for the balance you can come back later and you can eat my ***** and **** me hard, or I can call the cops and have them drag you off, so what will it be?", I told her " whip my **** and balls as much as you want, I will eat you to ****** and then **** you deep and hard if you let me go,and I will come back again and let you have your way with me too ok?" she smiled and proceeded to smack my **** and balls hard with her hand, at least 20 times, then grabbed my rope and pulled me to the door with my items, she dropped the weight yanking my **** down hard and smacked my *** hard pushing me out into the rain telling me I better be back. I promised her I would and walked back to the girls, they were ecstatic when I told them what happened, and they were so horny, I was told to to lick them both into multiple ******* then **** them both till they screamed, then they promised me I would be theirs the rest of the weekend and maybe for the future too, and vowed to include the gorgeous girl at the corner store... to be continued...
51-55, M
Jan 20, 2013