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He Bet Me He Could Get My Gf To Show Her Bra

So I was out drinking with a mate and the subject of our gfs came up. I was telling him how shy she was in front of other ppl, but a demon in the bedroom. He told me he bet he could get my gf to ***** to her bra and knickers for him. I laughed and said no way. Now I knew he was a smooth talker, but I also knew how shy my gf is and would never do anything like that. He asked me how sure I was, and I told him completely.

So he asked if I wanted to bet on it! I was a bit surprised he'd be so forward, but also knew that he had no chance of winning, and so agreed and asked what the winner got. He told me that if my gf ******** to her bra and knickers for him, I would have to persuade her to screw him. And if he lost, he would give me all the sexy pics of his gf that I wanted. Great, I thought, some easy **** material when she wasn't in the mood, so I agreed.

"No time like the present!" he told me. "Let's go back to yours now and settle this!" Again, I was a bit gobsmacked but kept reminding myself that there was no way she would do this and so I'd get the sexy pics of his girl. We finished our pint and went back to mine.

I poured us a couple of drinks and we sat chatting some more, when my gf came downstairs. She said hi to my mate and joined us for a drink. It wasn't long at all before he told my gf that he had been looking for some lingerie for his gf just the other day but couldn't decide what to buy her. He then pointed out that he could faintly see the pattern of my gf's bra under her blouse (which, in fairness, he could). He told he knew he was being extremely forward, but would she mind showing him her bra so that he could have a proper look, as it seemed from the little he could see that that may be the kind of bra he could buy her.

She got all embarassed and giggled a bit. But he assured her: "honestly, I just want to see if it's something that would suit her." Then he did something I didn't expect, and improved his hand. He told her "look, if you're embarassed about taking your blouse off for me, maybe it will help if I show you my underwear?!" and in a blink of an eye, he'd whipped his jeans off, showing us both his tight black boxers! I couldn't help noticing that he was semi-hard already, and looking quite impressive. And my gf certainly didn't fail to notice the same thing.

"Come on," he coaxed her. "I've taken my jeans off and showed you my undies. I just want to check out your bra so I can buy Laura the same one..." My gf looked at me, as if to ask what to do. Now I KNOW that if I'd shook my head, then she wouldn't have done it for him, but I also knew that would be counted as me influencing the outcome of the bet. I could also tell that she was slightly aroused at the sight of my mate in his boxers, and was now slightly more inclined to take her blouse off than she would have been otherwise. So with a sinking feeling beginning to arise in me, I told her "it's up to you honey. It's your decision."

She took a moment longer, before slowly unbuttoning her blouse, and then taking it off completely, showing us both her black lace bra patterned with white stripes down the cups, and white flowers on the shoulder straps.

"Wow!" He exclaimed. "Very sexy indeed!" My gf gave one of those embarassed but pleased smiles at his compliment. Keeping up the pretence of the situation, he told her "yes Laura would look very nice in one of those - but not half as hot as you do!" Again she blushed.

Feigning slight embarassment, he asked her "are you wearing the matching knickers?" She nodded. "May I see, please?" He asked her. She hesitated. "You've already shown me the best bit!" He (half) jokingly told her and she giggled. He pulled his t-shirt over his head so he was there in just his boxers and socks. I have to admit, he has a body I'd kill for, and my gf obviously found it pleasing to the eye as well as her nipples hardened even more. "There, we'll both be in our underwear and you'll be wearing more than me!" He told her. Again, she looked to me and again I told her it was her decision.

Taking a deep breath, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, now standing there in just her matching bra and thong. I was gutted. Within just a few minutes, he had won the bet!

He slowly walked around her (telling her he was checking out the underwear from all angles before deciding whether to buy) and was extremely close to her. He told her she looked fantastic in it, and asked how it felt. Asked if he could have a feel? Her reply completely shocked me, as she told him he could have a feel of her underwear if she could have a feel of his. It was obvious what she meant as his **** was rock solid now, looking even more powerful in his tight boxers. He smiled and placed her hand on his crotch, before cupping my gf's **** with his hands! They stood there for a couple of moments, taking obvious pleasure in feeling each other, before he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

Now? I thought. I figured I'd at least have a few days to talk her into sleeping with him, but he obviously had other ideas.

"Um," I stammered, "it's obvious you two are enjoying this. Honey, why don't you give him a real treat? It's ok, I don't mind." The words nearly stuck in my throat. She guessed what I meant, and just to make it clear, he slipped his hand inside her thong, not getting any argument from me. She looked him in the eye and just whispered "ok".

I was starting to get hard at this point, not really wanting my gf to shag my mate, but unable to resist the body's anticipation of watching a live sex show. However, he said "great!" Took her by the hand and started to lead her out of the room. "I'll take good care of her!" He winked, as I realised that not only was my mate going to **** my gf, but that I wasn't even gonna be allowed to watch.

I sat watching tele for the next 2 hours as he ****** my gf in our bedroom
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Bud they were already ******* behind your back this was just to get it out in the open

That was great

wow man this is extremely hot!!!

Love the fact that he can only listen from the next room of her getting ******.

You've got to do a follow up to this mate got me and my wife really horny please do a part to soon details of the night or second night with your friend! Xx

Maaan. HOT. STORY. I so wanna make my gf do a friend of mine, but she is way too shy. Who knows. Someday, maybe. Thanks for sharing!

If you didnt get up off your *** and follow then I dont know what to say. <br />
Great story thanks!

Have you discussed with your friend what he as done to her, and if he barebacks her. Be hot if you made another bet with him.. bet him that he could not make her ....another guy with him in front of you.

Mate **** UP!!!! Get in there!! The two of ye should be pleaseing her!! Make it part of yer relationship and it will help ye grow closer!!!!! She will love 4 hands and 2 ***** pleaseing her!!! make an effort!!!

Yes, he's had her a couple of times since and I still haven't seen it!

Dude. No offense but he been ******* ur gf and ur just letting him. I couldn't do that. At all. No way in hell. Only way feasible is if i was ******* her with him

come on man, that's your girl, your letting another person screw her... come on...

Yes, he's had her a couple of times since and I still haven't seen it!