Lost A Bet To My Little Sister

Okay so my little sister bet me that she could beat me in arm wrestling, i accepted and the winner got to choose something to make the loser do. I was doing really good but then somehow someway she beat me i couldnt believe it. She(shes 9) said ha i win, you have to be my dog for a week(my parents were gone on vacation for a week). I had to go with it because i shook on the bet. She said as my dog you have to wear a thong and no bra. I said really? And she said yes, now take it off otherwise i will. I hesitated and she came over by me and pulled my shirt off and then unhooked my bra and my boobs flew out with erect nipples. I was still surprised so she pulled my skirt down and said Hey your not wearing a thong right now ill go get one. Before she left to get one she pulled my bikini panties down. She came running back with my favorite thong. She took my panties and skirt off and slid the thong on. She said there, now get down and crawl like a real dog. So i got down and my boobs were really hanging there. We have a german shepard so she went and grabbed a collar and put it on me. She grabbed a leash and started walking around the house when she said she had to pee, so she took me into the bathroom and pulled her shorts and panties down and sat on the toilet. She peed and then said dog make yourself useful, lick my ***** clean from pee. I didnt move so she grabbed the leash and pulled me towards her. She said lick the pee off so i can pull my panties and shorts up. She pulled my face right in front of her ***** and i had no choice and started licking the pee off around her *****. She said you have to get the pee in my ***** too dog. I gently and swiftly slid my tongue over her ***** collecting the rest of her pee. She said good girl doggy! Then she pulled up only her panties and said I wont be needing my shorts right now, its pretty warm. We went out to my living room and then she said now for some tricks. Sit! I sat on my butt like a dog as best as i could. She patted my head, then said Lay down! So i layed right down flat on my boobs, she said good girl. Now lay on your back! So i layed flat on my back, my boobs jiggling. She started petting my stomach like a dog saying good girl. Then she started squeezing my boobs saying oh yes, whos a good doggy, oh is that a good spot to pet you? She played with my **** for awhile when she finally said get up doggy! She took her shirt off and said since your MY doggy lick my little nipples for me. I hesitated and she moved closer and her boobs were dangling in front of my face, lick them doggy cmon lick them. I started to lick them slightly and her nipples got erect. She said lick them some more now. I licked them more and more, my own ***** getting really wet. Then i sucked on them for awhile, then she said do you have to go pee doggy? I nodded my head not knowing what to do. She lead me into the backyard and said go potty missy, just pee through your thong. I just leaned forward stretching out and let my pee out, it soaked my thong then started spraying everywhere all over my legs and stomach. I just kept letting it out, when my sister came over and squatted by me and said I have to pee again. She was right by my face and her pee going through her panties was right in front of my face. Then she pushed her pee out a little harder and it started hitting me right in the face saying drink it doggy, do what your master says. I opened my mouth and she shot her pee right in it so i swallowed it. Finally when she stopped she said good girl doggy, but my panties are soaking wet now. She took them off and told me to lay down on my back, i did and she pulled my thong down to my knees and said spread your little hairy *****. So i did and she shoved her pee soaked panties into my vagina so you couldnt see them anymore. The she pulled the thong back up and took me inside. This kinda stuff repeated everyday until the bet was over, it was pretty fun overall.
She made me sleep by her on the bed like a dog with my head in her lap by her *****. When i woke up her hairless puffy little ***** was in my face and she had me on my back and was straddling my face. She said open your mouth, i did and she put her ***** over it and started peeing. I kept drinking her pee because i had no choice(i kinda liked it). While she was peeing she was going Oh yes i finally can just let this pee out into your mouth, it feels so nice to empty my bladder into your mouth. Then she said start licking it clean and then slapped my boob. I licked her ***** clean of pee and she got up. She said oh yeah i have to get my panties out of your hairy little ***** from yesterday. She went down by my ***** and pulled my thong off. She thrusted her hand into my ***** and pulled the panties right out. Her hand was covered with my ***** juice and the panties were soaked with it. She said eww and wiped the panties all over my face. Then she let me go pee out in the backyard on a leash. She thought since I was her dog that she could have a friend over too. She called her friend Melissa to come over and she biked over. She came over and knocked on the door, i was gonna get up but then she told me to kneel by the couch so i did. She answered the door and Melissa came in and my sister said Heres my doggy Melissa, she helps service me a lot she can probably help you well you are here. Then Melissa said I have to pee like really bad. My sister said my doggy will help you, doggy go with her to the bathroom. I followed her crawling on my knees into the bathroom and she pulled her skirt down and exposed her ***** that actually had a little bit of ginger(redish) hair on it. She said ill sit on the edge of the tub so that i can watch myself pee in your mouth in the mirror. I came up to her and she started peeing into my mouth and i drank it, then i licked her dry and free of pee. I tried to move but she grabbed my head and said Ive always wanted to do this, you know dominate a girl older than me:check, Pee into her mouth and make her drink it:check, Make her lick me dry:check, and lastly make her lick me till i squirt on her face. Even though im 10 i went through puberty faster than the other girls and i can already squirt so get to licking dog. She shoved my face into her hairyish little wet ***** and i started licking because i wanted to see if she actually could squirt and she tasted fruity soo good. After a couple minutes she said Wow your good at this, i feel myself almost about to ****** already. I licked deeped and faster and she said Ohhhh here it comes!!! I couldnt believe it she actually started squirting her girl *** into my mouth and all over my face. When she finished she said See i told you, and you look so cute with my girl *** on your face howd it taste? I said it tasted really good actually. She said good answer and we walked back out.
Comment if you want me to finish this day and maybe start the next day of what happened :)
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finish it!!!!

Finish it!!!


Wow that **** has me so hot& turned on Im looking around for a puss licking doggy

WTF! Your sister is 9 and she does this. Her friend is 10 and did this.

YOUR BEST YET ! are these true?

i wanna know too are these true?

omg you made me so hard i would love to be your dog some day

What next


I got dripping wet


that got me hard

Please finish, your so lucky I wish this would really happen to me with a bunch of little girls that age, that's my ultimate fantasy to have little girls 8-12 peeing in my mouth and all over me whenever they want to, mmmm

i agree

plz finish i am so horny

finish the story please

Oh do finish it!

Finish it

That was hot! Gave me a *****! Now I have to release the pressure!


please do continue

Wow yes please finish


i like your story

WOW! Great story.... more more more.

Yes, yes, YES!! Please finish, or at least continue!

looking forward to the next part

great story - wow

Your week must have been full of **** and *** and a whole lot of vagina licking. I can't wait to read the rest of this.

oh very sexy, are u normally submissive?

yeah usually

you should let her dom you more

can i dominate you?