Lost A Baby To Anencephaly At 21 Weeks Pregnant 7/7/11

I am happy that I have found a place where I can share my story and maybe get some emotional support. At 20 weeks pregnant after I had been seeing a regular family practice MD and everything had supposedly been going normal, good and as planned with a normal heartbeat at 2 separate appointments, my husband and I found out that our baby had Anencephaly at our anatomy ultrasound. We knew something was wrong when the ultrasound tech said she needed to leave the room for a minute and left without explanation. She came back and told us that we needed to go back to my MD right away and said he was waiting for us. We didn't know what was going on till the MD let us know what was found in the ultrasound. We were sent to a specialist (perinatologist) where he confirmed this diagnosis and gave us our options. The specialist MD told us that it had nothing to do with what we had done and it is not genetic, it was a very unfortunate and unlucky fluke. My husband and I were absolutely devastated. The chances of it happening again to me are a little higher since it has happened once, but it is greatly reduced by taking extra Folic Acid. We did not find out the gender because we felt like that would make the ordeal harder. The baby had a normal heartbeat up to the day of that ultrasound. I do not have any discrimination about anyone's decision about what to do in this situation. My husband and I made our decision and I set up a D&C for the next week at 21 weeks pregnant on 7/7/11. My specialist MD dilated me for 2 days to protect my cervix since this was my first pregnancy. He used a material made of seaweed that looked like a small twig, they dilate overnight to a little over a cm. He used 2 the first day and 6 the second and I had my procedure the next day. I do not have any regrets about our decision but do wish that we would have known earlier on. I now have to see the specialist if (hopefully when) we get pregnant again so they can monitor these things earlier and if anything is shown we will know a lot earlier. It was pretty hard to go through all of this after I was supposed to be more than halfway done. I had a hard time for a little while, especially when people would ask how the baby was. I still have breakdowns every once in a while when someone I know talks about thier pregnancy that is going well or I see some of the things that my husband and I had bought for new baby. I am however doing a lot better today (8/30) than I was when we first found out. Something else that was a little hard for me was when my little brother (21) told me that his wife was pregnant the same week that I was going through my procedures. My husband and I want to get pregnant again as soon as possible but I have some apprehension and want to give my uterus time to heal. I had bleeding for about 4 days after the procedure and actually started my period on 7/19 (I called the MD to make sure that's what was happening) and I just ended my second period after the procedure. I'm nervous to get pregnant again. Even though I haven't ever had a miscarriage, I really think it would break our hearts if this happened. I have been taking the MDs recommended 4mg Folic Acid (1mg is the normal prenatal). It took my husband and I about 5 months to get pregnant the last time and I would really like to get pregnant right away. I hope that we have the success that I am seeing with quite a few others who are getting pregnant soon after D&C, wish me luck :)
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Aug 30, 2011