I Miss Her Everyday...

It was a fine October day and I was going to the maternity hospital with my partner to have the routine 20 week scan. All was well and the only thing I was worried about was that they were going to say that I was having a boy when I "had a feeling" that I was having a girl. So into the hospital I go full bladder and all, waiting patiently all all. My name gets called out and I go into the room and lie down on the bed. The start the ultrasound and the technician was all like "there's your baby" and stuff like that. Then she went quiet and I was like "what, what's wrong" and she said nothing. She got us to wait in the waiting room. I didn't know what the hell was going on, except that it wasn't good. She eventually came back with a doctor and I had another ultrasound. Then she said those three words that will haunt me for the rest of my life "There's something wrong". She proceeded to tell me that my baby had anencephaly and had NO chance of survival out of the womb. I was devastated and I don't think I will ever fully get over it.


Alyssa Rhiannon

12Th November 1999

I miss you angel baby.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my son to anencephaly almost 2 weeks ago. It is something i will never get over. The best thing i can say is i truly hope you have someone who is very supportive, and who is there to hold you when you cry. I don't have that, but i push forward through everyday with the hope having a healthy baby one day Faith and love will soon become your best friend.

I lost my angel Ariel to anencephaly at 24 weeks. I went to have my routine anatomy ultrasound, when I found out that she had anencephaly. I decided to be induced and deliver her at 24 weeks. I was in labor for 48 hrs and she passed away about 2 hours before I delivered her. It is the hardest thing I have ever dealt with. Now I have a beautiful 11 month old boy that is the sunshine of my life.

For those who wonder what this is:<br />

I am also truly sorry for the loss of your angel. <BR><BR>I lost mysunshine Lilly to anencephaly in 2002. She lived a little over three days. <BR><BR>She smiled, got all excited and recognized the voice of her older sister who had been singing to her during the pregnancy, played with my wife, and so much more. My wife and I took turns sleeping so that one of us would always be with her.<BR><BR>I found that the doctors we saw knew next to nothing about anencephaly and what our babies can do. What Lilly did, many witnessed. And having had her is one of the most fulfilling achievements in my life. I love her dearly!!!<BR><BR>The pain never goes away, however nor do the amazing memories she gave us. She fought and loved and lived. <BR><BR>And each day when I face difficult times, I look up to the sun, think of her and get energized. She lives in my good deeds, in everything beautiful I see, and shields me, helps me in my dark moments. <BR><BR>God bless you and I pray you will find peace in mourning her and remembering her, your loss and also what she gave you, your girl - and that, no one will ever take away from you. She felt your love.

I am truly sorry for your lost. I lost a baby also.....so I know how it feels. <br />
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Yes it is true.....you will never get over it but.....time has a way to lighten the hurt.<br />
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Now I look at it as.....my little angel watching over me and my family.<br />
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Can you please explain to me what Anencephaly is.....if it is not to much to ask ?<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story. <br />
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A big *HUG* sent your way.