On November 26, 2008, my daughter Olivia who was 15 went outside to run. She loved running. At a quarter to noon, a police car pulled into our driveway. He told us that Olivia had gotten killed. I didn't believe him. But then we walked around the corner to see paramedics and a body bag. She had tripped, fallen, hit her head, and knocked herself out. Then a semi came and hit her since she was just laying in the road. I saw her face. It was scratched and torn up. I went into shock. I couldn't believe that my baby was dead. The next day was Thanksgiving but we didn't celebrate. Today, we are doing fine. We have forgiven the semi driver and we're at peace knowing that Olivia is in Heaven and we will see her again!
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2011

Stay strong my friend

I love that you had enough courage to forgive. Most people would not have done that. I know that even now you will have good days and bad days concerning this loss. A friend of mine lost her 16 year old daughter 6 weeks ago due to sickness. They were still believing the doctors would find a solution any moment.<br />
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I lift my morning cup of coffee to your courage, brave one.

Sorry for your loss, happy you found peace. Glad you shared.