Lost Canyon

I feel such a need to share: "Like a child who’s been crying for so long that he eventually forgets why he’s crying, we lose sight of what we’re missing. We stay focused only on the void left behind. Like staring at the spaces between the stars, rather than on the stars themselves, we see only darkness and let the lovely lumens twinkle in vain.” ~Lost Canyon

I wrote Lost Canyon initially as a way to deal with my own grief after I lost my oldest son to suicide. Confused and lost, I found myself at times struggling to even find my next breath. It hurt and there seemed nothing to ease the pain. Maybe what I wrote can help you. I offer it as a free gift because I want to help ease that struggling you may be going through and possibly shine a light in the darkness. I know it can help. It has already helped others. I offer the download link with all my heart and hope your heart heals soon: www.thegiveawayproject.com

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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

I try to get in this link but failed it was confusing can you email me Picturesque_ media @yahoo.com I lost my daughter going on 3 months ago, I'm just lost without her, thank you!