My Little Girl.

My Name is Marissa Johnson,I Am 27 years old,and My Daughter Drowned in the Pool Behind our house.It was last year, in june.She was 6 years old.I Was in my bedroom, talking on the Phone with my Husband.We had been haveing fights and where planning a Divorce.My Daughter,Emily,Had no one to play With, So i guess she went to play by herself.It all Happend so fast.i heard her shout "Mum!" then a splash. I Shot twords the back door. there was no other way to the pool. But was locked. I Could See her..Thrashing.. calling for me everytime she surfaced. i was trying to smash the glass.To get to her.i hard.i could see her waveing arms and kicking legs slowing.fianlly i just grabbed a chair and smashed the glass in. i jumped straight into the pool and dragged her out..But i was too late. I Tried CPR.but em was gone.I Looked over the Security Cams a week after and it all made sense. Em fell in reaching for the Beachball,In the middle of the pool.. Its all my falt... if i had gotton there sooner.. maby..Or-or if i hadent installed that stupid Lock...If i had just delt with the vandlizers...if- if i had been just a bit faster...Em would...she would be..
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That's an awful tragedy. Just remember the good parts of life that she brought for you. Try not to focus on the tragic ending to her life. You did everything you could to try to save her.

i am also 27 yrs old i lost my son this past july 9th 2012 to him drowning. he was 1 yr 17 days old. we were out working in the garden and he was suppose to be inside w his brother and step sister and we didnt know he was left outside. we went around the front of our house after the other 2 came out and we ran around front pulled him out of our frog pond and started cpr and called 911. but he was gone. its so hard telling this and im not sure how you are coping w it bc i am having a very hard time with it. thats y i was hoping to try and get some help on here bc i dont have very many people to talk to. im open to talk to you about it any time bc i think of my son every sec of every day.

This story sounds simular to an episode I watched of Ghost Whisperer. The little girl drowned in the pool and she was also called Emily and 6 years old. She tried to reach for the ball in the pool too and fell in but the Mum locked herself up in her room crying over her divorce so it was up to the brother to save her. I cried a lot at that episode.
It's always sad to lose a child to death, kidnap or missing. I can't imagine the pain your feeling, I may not have children of my own but I hope no-one will ever have to suffer the loss of a child. It's always upsetting when a child gets taken away too soon :( I'm sure she's looking down at you and watching and asking you not to cry... she's in a better place where nothing can hurt little sweet Emily <3 take care of yourself xx

Ghost whisperer?? isint that a show from a good, what, 8-10 years agao or so?

Yea but my Mum watched the show all the time when I was younger so I went and watched it with her sometimes.