Angel In Disguise

My daughter, Misha, died 2nd October 2013.

Misha was born on Christmas 2006. She was only 6 when she died. Misha was a kind and sweet girl-she was adorable and curious. She would ask lots of questions while sitting in my lap.

8 months ago, she was diagnosed with leukaemia. The doctors said it would be a miracle if she survives another year. She was so sick and skinny. Misha was on the verge of dying.

The week before she died, she struggled to sit and whispered in her frail voice, "Mama, is God really there?" I stroked her hair and told her that she should believe, she was a gift from God. I told her an old bedtime story that I used to tell to her when she was just a baby. As I looked into her awestruck face, I realized probably she wasn't staying here for long.

The next day, she went in a coma. I was 6 months pregnant. All I could do is just watch the monitor as her heartbeat went slower and slower. I prayed, "God, please let Misha stay a little longer."

Maybe it's just not meant to be. On October 2nd, she woke up from her coma. She whispered, "Mom, take care. Live life." Then she was gone. She wasn't Misha. She was my angel in disguise. And I will always remember what my angel in disguise said- Live life. And so I am now.
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I am so deeply sorry for your loss :(