I lost my beautiful baby boy at only 14 months. They said undefined. How is that possible? It's either SIDS or somthing, but every test they took gave no results. Said it would b side if he was under a year but since he was over it's undefined! The 27 will b three years.
I now have a new bf we live together and take care of his little brothers, I know they love me. But I still feel so useless, no matter what or how much I do. I feel like there's no use of anything. I feel as though my only reason to live died and on that day, I died inside. It's harder to make me laugh, easy to make me cry, and I used to b the complete opposite, till that day. I will never b or feel like the same person and it sucks cause my family says I don't live them, I just don't know how to show it anymore:(
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Sep 2, 2014