To a miscarriage when I was 20. To this day I cry about it sometimes... I finally named her willow a few days ago (don't know if it was a boy or a girl.. But always thought of her as one (a daughter)) I imagine her sometimes with her bright face and big eyes and afro.. I miss her...

Sometimes the loss of what never was. Is a pain to great to hold..

I may never have a child in this life.. And maybe that's good..

I used to want one so bad.. My eyes would run with tears in moments of memories of other people's kids..

It's lighter now.. The pain I feel.. The memories are faded... But once in awhile they reappear.

That's all
PastelLime PastelLime
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Thank you for sharing is heart touching. I wanted to name my first daughter Willow but it didn't go over well with my mom so we named her Angela instead. I call her Willow sometimes.

oh :) thank you for sharing and commenting too *sigh*

I just imagine her sometimes.. like right now... at whatever age she would have been... *sigh*

She will see you in heaven.

I hope so.. (that I get there.. and my puppies) :(

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