He Practically Raised Me.

 I have been in karate for 13 years - since age 5. In 2005, my main instructor for most of those years, died of esophageal cancer. He was more than the guy that tought me how to kick and punch. He used karate as a medium for instructing me in traditional values like discipline, respect, honesty, courage, excellence and integrity. He always used to tell me, "Keep you head up, and your chin down." Chin down is a common expression used by fight trainers etc. I looked up to him more than anybody else I knew. He was strong to the end. He wouldn't let others help him do anything. He would crawl to the bathroom on his own. Every phone call, he would stand up and not sit down until the other person hung up. 

I can't put into words how much he has inspired me to live my life like he did with his. He helped countless people. He was like a father. My real dad has never been there for me, but my instructor was always, always there.

N9nefan N9nefan
22-25, M
Mar 12, 2009