I'm Sorry...

Al was 23. Very cute, popular, athletic and built. Although he had his share of problems, he would do anything for those he cared about. He excelled at his job too, which happened to be just across the street...

I had been living with my boyfriend for about a year.  I adored him. I worked two jobs and the only social activities that I enjoyed took place in my home. I spent almost all of the time that I wasn't at work with Ralph and his best friend, Al.

Al and Ralph met when they both worked at one of the jobs here that paid well but most people left after getting up the fund that they wanted. Al would occasionally come by while Ralph was still working and I was pleasantly surprised at how kind he was. I thought that good looking guys were all cocky and rude, he wasn't like that at all.

On Ralph's breaks and on the guys days off, it was great. We would laugh, watch tv and it felt really good to have two great guys to bounce ideas off of and have fun with. It was one of the first times in my life that I felt as if I could just enjoy myself without worrying about too much besides work. I was really fortunate because Al was good friends with my boss when I started my new job and he ended up coming over too.

I cared about those three guys so much. I felt so useful and special being the only female in the group of four. I didn't really notice the stupid little things that they did wrong, to me, they were my boys. I had my moments, but overall I wouldn't have changed anything for the world.

Things between my boyfriend and I were never perfect, but knowing that Al and my boss, Steve would be by, it made my guy tollerable. Al had his share of problems (as did we all) but he was never violent toward us and only gave me attitude when prevoked.

 He started getting really bad leg pains and it got to the point where he was unable to work or get around like he usually did: by rollarblade or bike. He went to the emergency room and they gave him some Tylenol 3s, it helped which helped with the pain, but he was getting worse.

He was hospitilized for a few weeks to run tests on him, the three of us would visit, although my boyfriend and I had seperated at this point. My ex and our mutual friend would smoke him up and they would continue to laugh and continue on pretty much as usual.

When the tests didn't turn anything up they decided to transfer him to a hospital in a bigger city about 8 hours away by car. 

I didn't really talk to Al that often but when Ralph and I talked it was to get reports on Al's status. I kind of expected to go back to the way things were before once Al returned, with the exception of me not having to take care of my ex.

Al didn't come home. His liver gave out, he slipped into a coma and he didn't wake up. His parents didn't get told of the severaty of his situation until it was too late and he died alone. It turns out that he had leukemia all along.

That was a year ago. It hurt so much to think that maybe the doctors could have saved him with the proper testing. I also think that maybe they didn't do the best that they could have because he was young and had some friends that weren't thought of too highly. I really hope that he is okay wherever he is now.

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that was touching . i know exactly how that feels . i have a 27 year old sister who has liver cancer . im living it now .

I, too, am sorry for your loss. <br />
<br />
I don't think the doctors would intentionally not perform to the best of their abilities, but these days, one can never be too sure. <br />
<br />
Al seemed like a great guy. It's a shame that he died alone but I'm sure he was proud of his life, his friends and all those who loved him.

I am sorry for your loss.