i'm so confused because i dont understand why this had to happen. out of all the people in the world why did this happen to one of the worlds most genuine, most admirable, most pure souls. i admired you for so many reasons. i'm sorry that we never did play that tennis match that we always talked about so long ago. i guess i put it off because i knew you would kick my *** at it. im going to miss you. i wish we would have had time for many more tennis matches and conversations. i wish i would have told you how much you meant to me, how you changed my life.
it's so hard to think about the fragility of life. you spent 19 years building yours and helped so many people along the way, touched so many lives... and in a matter of seconds it was over all because of chance and accident. still, three months later i can't understand it. you had a future. an awesome future. and you lost it. and your family lost you. and your boyfriend lost you. we all lost you. do you know what the saddest loss of all is? all the people who you would have met never even got the chance to meet you. you would have changed their lives too. i guess i am so thankful to just have known you.
i miss you.
Phasmid Phasmid
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010