Her Flame Went Out, She Didn't Die.

I believe seeing death from, the last few minutes before the body gives way, are life-changing for many who witness it. In Hinduism, the body is put on a funeral pyre and it slowly reduces to ash. I find it a very violent way of the last rites taking place, so electric crematoriums are opted by many in India now.

11th August, a junior of mine in college , Tejaswee Rao, succumbed to her illness- Dengue, failed blood transfusion, multiple organ failure and eventually a double cardiac arrest. I cannot bear to imagine the girl with the most radiant smile all sorrounded by these ugly machines. I kind of  have given up my belief in god, whatever little that I had.

To see your child  wither away, in matter of twelve days is more than our grief as her friends. It has left in deep shock, so much so that I did not cry untill I saw her body being wrapped in a red cloth for our last respects.

and then we heard a noise. the electric crematorium. It rained heavily that day in the city. the heaviest downpour the city saw in this monsoon season.
An animal-lover, ever so happy, helpful and bright, loved by all her professors..
I believe like others, the mere death of somebody does not mean that person is no more. Mentally the person is always with you, its only the physical absence that is painful.

I love you TJ. The cats in the cafe will miss you more, so will tom outside the college gate
R.I.P young one.

Amyrah89 Amyrah89
26-30, F
Aug 13, 2010