A Complete Shock

I lost a friend recently he was 27 years old had just become a farther for the second time.

A couple of things come to mind

1. He was young, quite thin and seemingly healthy and was not I'll in anyway that we know off.

2. He went to sleep one night and nobody could wake him up he was in hospital for about six weeks.

3. His children will grow up without a farther who would have looked out for them and looked after them for there whole childhoods.

4. The friend who died parents and 4 grandparents where at his funeral so he should have lived to an old age because all over 80 years old.

So the lesson I draw from this is you only have one life and you never know when the end will come so put aside arguments and feuds you have with people.

Iain321 Iain321
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2013