My Best Friend

        I had a best friend, and we told each other everything. I used to call her when I was hurt or really excited or just miss her. I now miss her more than anything. I have other friends sure, but this friend was special. We were close. I don't like to tell anyone everything about my past. My past has made me whom I am and I wouldn't change it, but for some reason I was able to tell her everything. I felt safe and secure in this place I call home. I now feel lost and hopeless. She used to tease me and what was funny jokes turned into repetitious hurtful things. I probably shouldn't have taken like it, but it was so incredibly frequent that I had no choice but to take it to heart. Finally I got to the point where I couln't take it anymore, and I snapped. I shouldn't have but I did.

       I dont think I regret anything more than when I told her we would never be friends again. I had an incident happen tonight, and all I can think of is how much I need my best friend. Do I call her or do I just hang in there without her? 
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May 9, 2012