Why Did She Do This To Me ?

We were best friends or so i thought!! We used to work together!! We spent hours chatting about many things!! I had lot of respect for her!!
She left for higher studies!! We continued to stay in touch, with phone calls and really long ones...letters...!!
She got a new job, new place!! i left my job, moved to do my studies...again we were in touch...met few times..
All thought we were in love...but i was not sure..she was very intellectual..i was not sure if i was up to her level...i didnt want to lose the friendship for any reason.
then i moved to the same city as she was in...we met..she said she was dating some one and just broke with him. I felt bad for her..
in the meanwhile i was dating different women...i always used to talk to her about it...she used to tease me about my adventures..then i lost my job...i didnt have the face to ask my parents for support...i asked her..she gave me..
i still dont remember if i repaid her fully...then i had to shift to another city..she stayed back and this time she lost her job..by then i was going steady with my future wife..but still i used to talk to her..console her and comfort her whenever she wanted. My wife was kind enough to understand and she thought we are good friends and supported us. I had also told my friend about my future wife..i told her i met the woman i wanted to marry..she said cool...then she found a job...it was much harder for her...we were in touch...then i came back to the same city as she was in...so that i can move forward in my marriage...
once i was back, we had almost dinner together every day...met every week end...i spent more time with her than my fiance..
then the day came when our marriage got fixed...i told her...she said she is happy for me...
i moved to a new home...invited her...she gave some excuse..i was feeling bad that she didnt turn up...she was my best friend right!!
we wanted to meet her personally and give her our wedding card...despite telling her when we will reach...she locked her home and went out...i thought may be something more urgent...
after marriage she was the first one i called...i wanted her wishes...she said good luck and disconnected quicker..
we kept on inviting her home..she never turned up...more excuses..
then one day she fought with me for some thing as trivial as few dollars that i owed her...she had loaned sometimes thousands of dollars...and never bothered to ask me...then she stopped answering my calls...
stopped responding my emails and texts...i was in tears...went to her home...she wouldnt answer the door...
GOD!! what did do? i respected her so much and never wanted to hurt her..
She moved to another city, she never informed me. She didnt respond to chat messages..

i finally got her online after 3 years...she was reluctant to chat...then slowly we got closer..now are in touch daily...even met twice..when i visited the other city...once along with my wife...

till day she refuses to let me know why she did that to me?

it may remain a mystery for ever!!

But i want to convey to her that i never intended to do anything to hurt her!!

Please forgive me my friend!!
iamfine2012 iamfine2012
Jun 20, 2012