Third Wheel

I had a really good friend named Tiffany. When we met, we instantly became best friends. It was great because we lived in the same neighborhood so we could visit whenever we wanted. Then, I had to move. Not far, but not within walking distance. We still hung out, but not as much as we used too. This is where it started. We hung out less and we didn't have classes together, which didn't help. Anyway, she started to get kind of clingy to me. I told her about how I thought she should stop being so dependant on me. She did in about a weeks time, but we were still best friends. Eighth grade came and we had science together. At first, it was great, but then she kept bugging me while I was working, just to tell me that she was drawing or something like that. I did the same thing to her though. We started to snap at each other more and more. Then we got involved in a school activity together. We were excited to be in a team that was just the two of us, but it made things hard, so we added Katherin to the group. I was totally cool with it, until they started to do things without me. Work on the activity and just talking together when I havn't even been invited to join the conversation. It sounds self centered and maybe it is, but whenever Tiff and me are talking, she'll say, "I have to go, Katherine is here," or something. Tonight they're sleeping over at Tiffs house and she won't answer my texts at all. I feel like a third wheel. :'(
Maybe that's all I'm supposed to be. There for a person until they can find another friend. That's how it's been throughout my life. Is it me? :'( I just feel like crawling under a rock and never talking to anybody again.
Diosma Diosma
13-15, F
Jan 12, 2013